The Werks

What Are The Werks?

The werks of the werks of the Iron Road are books that deal with the werks of Dr. J. Ghisling. Without giving too much away, each book in the series shall be listed here, along with a short summary of the story it contains. Each entry will also link to other points on the world wide web where the book might be bought.

1) Do Clockworks Dream Of Gear-Toothed Sheep? : Tales of the Robot Nika, Volume One – It’s hard to go through life. It’s even harder to go through life when you have a key stuck in your back and the person who brought you into the world doesn’t see you for who you truly are. As she struggles with being abandoned by her maker in a world far bigger than she is, Nika Thought-werk starts on a journey that will cross the path of many friends, countless foes, and many, many books to come.

Reading Level: 7 to 9 years of age, English

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