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Thoughts On … #1: Fighting Climate Change, Part One

Welcome to the first part of a thought challenge. Today’s challenge is climate change. I will not attempt to frame the total mess our planet’s climate is in here. If one wants to read the work of others who have done this much better than I could, try this article. Or this one. Or – this one.

Still with me? Rockin’! What I will attempt to do here is outline – in very broad strokes – thoughts on how climate change can be fought. For any of you wishing to know why Nika and I are writing about this on her blog – well, Nika would tell you that thinking is what Thought-werks do best. I have to agree with her.

So, time to think.

On the face of it, climate change is a simple concept. Carbon is a basic building block of life on our planet, and all known life on Earth is carbon-based. When something dies, all of that body’s carbon is open to being released back into the world. That release can happen in any number of ways. One of the ways the release tends to happen is as a gas. The gases can be carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, or any of a number of other carbon-linked gases. These gases trap and hold heat from the sun.

Don’t believe me? Wrap yourself in carbon paper and stand out in direct sunlight on a hot day. Then, try standing out after wrapping yourself in bleached paper. Which is warmer? Tomorrow, I look at the United Nations Global Environment Outlook for 2019.

See you then.

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