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Of “Stan And Ollie”

The next book in Nika’s adventures touches on vaudeville theater.  Like many small town kids of my generation, I grew up watching two comedy acts on Saturday morning television that got their start in  vaudeville.  These comedy acts were The Three Stooges and Laurel and Hardy.  It seems that a movie of the latter act will be coming to light – hopefully soon.

There are many reasons to despair any time a movie like this surfaces.  Who is making the picture?  How involved is the subject’s estate?  Who will be writing and directing?  Who are the stars?  How invested are they in making sure that they get the roles they’ve been given ‘right’?  In 2000, a movie chronicling the rise and fall of The Three Stooges was made.  It is the only post-mortem biopic of the comedy trio of which I am aware.  It was watchable, but it didn’t carry the same weight or polish as a movie like 1992’s Chaplin.  Where will Stan and Ollie fall compared to these two?

For now, I am optimistic about the project.  The BBC was responsible for developing it, and stars Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly will play the leads.  The meat of capturing and crafting Coogan and Reilly’s work seems like it has been assigned to capable hands.  I hope so.  Until the movie comes out, I (and you, dear reader) can be content watching and reading about Laurel and Hardy at the official Laurel and Hardy website.

Happy Monday, one and all!