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The ‘nited Clockwork Postal Service Seeks Workers

What happens when Nika gets control of a keyboard?  This …

Are you ready to do what it takes to give people faith in the mail?

Are you of a most steady and sure make and model?

Are you good with a side-arm (if you have them) or front arms (if you don’t have a side arm)?  Do you have arms?  If not, care’ying the mail may be hard.  You may want an other line of work.

If you are a fan of steampunk, role-play, and civil service, the UCPS now seeks workers to staff its post office branches in New Babbage and Mar’kesh.  Please send a note to the Post-Mistress of the UCPS showing you have an int’rest in playing a clockwork mail servant – or that you have questions about doing so.

You are welcome to discuss this further with Nika.  Working with her, you will create a clockwork mail-servant, complete with backstory, purpose – and your own clockwork key.  You will work with Nika to spearhead new and wondrous ways to serve the Steamlands of Second Life – and to improve roleplay for one and all.

To learn more about Nika and the UCPS, please visit – or just drop her a note.  Thank you for your time – but it’s time to run.  After all, the mail never sleeps, and neither do we.

If you wish to visit the UCPS Headquarters, follow the link for it on the UCPS page.  If you have any questions about Second Life, the UCPS, or the life and times of a little clockwork mail-girl, please send a note to me or Nika using the ‘Comments’ form also on the UCPS page.

To learn more about Second Life, please visit: .

Most Sincere We Remain,

N. Thought-werk & E.P. Isaacs