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On The Horizon: Nanowrimo And Book Two

Dear Friends:

E.P. Isaacs here.  The month of November is almost upon us.  During that month, there is a writer’s event called Nanowrimo.  Yeah, you already know about it?  Most people do.  Especially insane writerly-types.

During November, I hope to lay down the framework of Book Two.  I already have a title.  I’m also sketching out the plot structure and main characters.  The story opens with Patience watching a movie with her mother. It ends with a little girl taking off with a lost little boy in search of her best friend.

There are moments that send me into fits of laughter. There are two moments that almost bring me to my knees. There will be more world-building, and the Witch Queen will begin to rise in her full glory.

We will understand WHY human children are taken by the fey … and readers will meet the little girl that the mother lost at the beginning of Book One. The story will be darker than the first, as the reader begins to see more of this world. It’s not a pretty world – but it is beautiful. And when the light shines through it, it shimmers.

I will do my best to have the book done – in a finished form – by April of 2016.  I am studying illustration, so I hope the drawings and cover for Book Two will be better than what I could offer for Book One.

In the lead-up to Book Two, I am planning to retire the first printing of Book One from production.  I will have an updated, crisper second printing available by January.  I also plan to step up my marketing game – but right now, I have other things to contend with that are grabbing my attention.  Nika is a grand girl, and she has a great story.  Unfortunately, she tags me with typing the story, drawing the pictures, and editing it.  Now, she’s asking me about marketing.

I’ll do my best, dear readers – for you and for Nika.


E.P. Isaacs

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