Werks From The Iron Road is a webstore for the prints, prose, and other items created by E.P. Isaacs for the Tales of the Robot Nika book series. Who is the robot Nika? Who is E.P. Isaacs? What is a werk? What is the Iron Road? Since you asked …

E.P. Isaacs is a writer who lives near the sea. Sometimes, she even visits the sea—which is made easy by living next to it. She first met Nika Thought-werk in Second Life in 2011(though Nika insists they’ve known each other much longer than that). Since then, Miss Isaacs and Nika have become quite good friends—some might even say the two are inseparable. Working with Nika, the pair have plans for over fifty books spanning Nika’s adventures.  E.P. writes Nika’s stories down and illustrates them, too. Though she just started drawing in 2018, Ms. Isaacs hopes that she gets better with time.

Nika Thought-werk often says that clockworks cannot write poems. Or draw. Or write stories. E.P. lets her try anyway. Because Nika cannot use words with more than two syllables, E.P. Isaacs is working with her to tell Nika’s story. When she is not telling her story, Nika loves spending time with Postage, getting mail, flying (in planes or using kites), listening to music (especially bluegrass), reading (as well as a clockwork might read), and dreaming of chocolate. As much as she dreams of chocolate though, Nika knows that she can never eat it.

The Iron Road is – well – a railroad.

Werk is short for “thought-werk.” A thought-werk is a clockwork automaton (robot) created by Doctor Johannes Ghisling. Werks can also mean the works (books) in the Tales of the Robot Nika book series. Werks can even mean the artwork and items attached to that series.