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An Evening With Ceejay Writer: Interview of Nika Thought-werk at Fantasy Faire 2019

What follows is a transcript of the interview of Nika Thought-werk conducted by Miss Ceejay Writer for Fantasy Faire’s Litfest 2019. To view a sample of the upcoming book discussed by Miss Writer and Miss Thought-werk during the interview (The Clockwork’s Orange: Tales of the Robot Nika, Volume Two), please click on the following link:

The full version of this children’s novel will be available for sale from as of May 7, 2019. Special Thanks go out to Miss Ceejay Writer, Miss Saffia Widdershins, and the entire Fantasy Faire staff for the countless hours they have volunteered to make this event and the ones to come happen. Nika says she had a great time.

Nika standing beside a book cart with her next book at Fantasy Faire 2019
Nika standing beside a book cart prior to her interview. Picture courtesy of Ms. Ceejay Writer


Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  waves

Ceejay Writer: Nika, feel  free to find a cozy seat!

Ceejay Writer: Saffia! Our special guest is here, and all ready to go.

Saffia Widdershins: Hi! I can’t stay … as it’s 3am but shall I send a notice?

Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  folds her hands quietly and waits to begin

Ceejay Writer: So polite!

Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  smiles at Miss Edda

Ceejay Writer: Please, if you could Saffia?

Jimmy Branagh: Aren’t the speaker’s seat up here?

Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly)Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly) finds a comfy place to sit, “Hi, everyone”

Ceejay Writer: They are, but I gave Nika the choice to be anwhere she likes.

Philip Underwood (pilipo.underwood): Hey everbuddy!

Jimmy Branagh: Ah okie

Ceejay Writer: Hi Philip!

Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  waves to Mister Underwood and to the others present.

Jimmy Branagh: Hoy Mr. Philip!

Saffia Widdershins: Hello Mr Philip and Jimmy.

Ceejay Writer: We will start in a few minutes, let’s give people fighting the lag monsters time to slay them.

Nika Thought-werk  nods “I know about fighting monsters a little.”

Ceejay Writer: If you wish, you could tell us about that tonight.

Jimmy Branagh: An’ Hoy Miss Saffia!

Philip Underwood (pilipo.underwood): Hullow Jimmeh

Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  nods

Jimmy Branagh: An’ Miss Edda!

Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly)Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly) waves!!!

Nika Thought-werk : So … there was a time … when I fought a troll … it was a big one, see?

Ceejay Writer: Ohhhh. Was it as big as this one we are inside of?

Nika Thought-werk : No … I think it was smaller. He was on a bridge. Trolls like bridges. Did you know that?

 Ceejay Writer: I’ve read a few stories about trolls under bridges! And I met one, in Seattle. That’s a mythical city where it never stops raining.

Jimmy Branagh: Do they?  Oy know Billy-Goats Gruff do

Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): what kind of bridges do they prefer?

Nika Thought-werk : Well, wood or stone work well for them

Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  blinks

Saffia Widdershins: goodnight all

Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): ooooh, I always had wondered about that

Jimmy Branagh: Night!

Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): night 🙂

Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  waves to Miss Saffia

Saffia Widdershins: Nika … I’m sorry I can’t stay 🙁

Ceejay Writer: Let’s all wish Saffia a good night, and then I will introduce our very special guest for those who have not met her!

Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  smiles “I know … it’s ok.”

Blair Andrews (blairandionrivalionis): g’night Saffia

Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  blinks and waits quietly.

Ceejay Writer: Welcome to Trollmouth, everyone! Take a seat anywhere, and never mind the curves, we are on a tongue. 🙂

Ceejay Writer: We will be in text today, so give your ears a rest.

Jimmy Branagh: Let’s hope the swallows don’t return

Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): do trolls eat bats?  this would be a BIG bat cave!

 Ceejay Writer: Miss Nika Thought-werk, here on the couch near me, is many things.  A postal worker, a soldier, a very good poet though she says clockworks can’t write poetry, and along with her ghost in the other world, an author.

Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  blinks and turns her head to face the audience “Trolls eat many things. So bats … maybe?”

Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  blinks and smiles.

Ceejay Writer: She has also recently created a new way of printing books in Second Life.

Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly)Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly) applauds Nika, but quietly

Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  smiles quietly.

Jimmy Branagh: A very efficient way

Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  blinks “Miss Writer … big words?”

Ceejay Writer: Being a clockwork, she cannot understand words of more than two syllables. So if she says ‘La-la-la?’ she’s just stuck on a long word.

Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  blinks

Ceejay Writer: So, let’s learn more about what makes her tick!

Ceejay Writer: And tock.

Jimmy BranaghJimmy Branagh applauds

Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  giggles “Me? Well, I am a clockwork. So … oh! You mean, questions, yes?”

Ceejay Writer: Let’s start at the beginning. Er, start at the start. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  raises her hand “Do I have to raise my hand to answer questions?”

Ceejay Writer: No, we can excuse you from that tonight.

Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  nods and puts her hand down “Clockworks cannot write, you know. But, when I met E.P. … I tell the stories, see, and she writes them down …”

Jimmy BranaghJimmy Branagh waves at Fitch

Fitch Lekvoda: *wavewave* 🙂

Fitch Lekvoda: mew!

Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  looks at Miss Fitch and stiffles a giggle

Fitch Lekvoda: told ya 😉

Ceejay Writer: E.P. must really believe in your stories to do all that writing!

Ceejay Writer: Does it take you two a long time to write a book?

Nika Thought-werk : So … when I … (mffff) met E.P. … well, she is very kind to me. And she says my stories might bring joy to

Nika Thought-werk : Well, it can … sometimes I do not recall things well. There has been a lot that’s happened … and I am a bit old … even if I do not look like it. I’m … well … eight?

Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  blinks

Ceejay Writer: Eight is not so old, I think. If you were human you’d be an urchin!

Nika Thought-werk : Like Jimmy?

Jimmy BranaghJimmy Branagh fingerwaves

Ceejay Writer: Yes, like Jimmy. *waves at Jimmy*

Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  nods “Or a hobo?”

Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly)Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly) grins

Ceejay Writer: Some hobos are young. Wasn’t there a hobo in your first book?

Jimmy Branagh: A hobo is not an urchin

Jimmy Branagh: An urchin has learned to game the system

Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  nods quietly “Haywire. He saved me …”

Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  smiles quietly “Well, hobos can play games too, Mister Jimmy.”

Ceejay Writer: That books is Do Clockworks Dream of Geartoothed Sheep, correct?

Jimmy Branagh: Errrr … yes.

Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  nods “Yes. That was my first book … of how I came to be.”

Fieger Difference: (no sound?)

Ceejay WriterCeejay Writer glances back at the book table, at a mossy green book.

Ceejay Writer: Chat only, Fieger!

Fieger Difference: ok

Ceejay Writer: Did you learn anything surprising about yourself while writing that book?

Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  points “If any wish it … it’s there. There is a smaller, free copy too … for this place.”

Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  blinks and cocks her head “Surpris-lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala?”

Jimmy Branagh: Oopds

Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  frowns

Ceejay Writer: thing you didn’t know before and it was fun to learn about?

 Fitch Lekvoda: no break the nika, jimmy!

 Ceejay Writer: My bad! I said a long word!

 Nika Thought-werk : Oh! Well, did you know … I think that you cannot get to China by falling down a well

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  blinks and smiles

 Ceejay Writer: REALLY? Well. Heh. I said well. Well, I wasn’t sure of that.

 Fieger Difference: unless it’s a well in China.

 Ceejay Writer: Or a well made of china.

 Fieger Difference: or well made china

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  thinks a moment “That may work. I have never tried that.”

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  smiles

 Ceejay Writer: Or a well in Wales leading to a well in china? Okay, stopping now

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  smiles

 Fieger Difference: do you write for a particular age group usually? (Sorry I missed the beginning intros)

 Ceejay Writer: (no worries! We didn’t get into that yet.)

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  blinks “Partic-lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala?”

 Ceejay Writer: certain, Nika.

 Ceejay Writer: She cannot understand long words.

 Nika Thought-werk : Certain?

 Ceejay Writer: A certain age group.

 Nika Thought-werk : Oh!

 Fieger Difference: how old are your readers?

 Nika Thought-werk : Well, I have heard other eight year-olds might like my books. I am eight, you know?

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  smiles

 Fieger Difference: ok.

 Ceejay Writer: I wonder if I am eight, I liked your book.

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  checks her rez date and nods

 Nika Thought-werk : Miss Writer?

 Ceejay Writer: Yes?

 Nika Thought-werk : Do you think my books have an age limit?

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  blinks and listens

 Jimmy Branagh: No age limit to good stories

 Ceejay Writer: I don’t think so. The books work on many levels. Children get an exciting story. They might also get some sneaky lessons or even comfort in recognition.

 Ceejay Writer: REcognition means they know what they see, Nika.

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  blinks “Big words …”

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  smiles quietly and looks down.

 Ceejay Writer: Older readers will marvel at the allegory threads woven along. I enjoyed thinking about what everything meant.

 Ceejay Writer: And really, it’s old-school, old-timey fun and adventure.

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  struggles “You know … if I may say something?”

 Jimmy BranaghJimmy Branagh nods

 Ceejay Writer: Well, it is your inter view. Please do!

 Nika Thought-werk : I am entered into view? Thank you. But really, my eyes and my thoughts do not work so well … so I do my best … and …

 Nika Thought-werk : I often wish I could think like the rest of you … but if you might glean something from my stories … that makes me happy.

 Ceejay Writer: Right now, you gave a lesson. Always try your best.

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  smiles and nods “I like to think all creatures might do so.”

 Dis (alvildadis)Dis (alvildadis) drifts into Trollsmouth, moaning quietly “….undone……undone……………all is lost……”

 Jimmy Branagh: Your stories have a view that we might not otherwise enjoy.

 Jimmy Branagh: Being clockwork and stuff.

 Ceejay Writer: True. I have never read stories like yours.

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  blinks “Well, Miss Fitch has clockwork stories.”

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  smiles at Miss Fitch.

 Ceejay WriterCeejay Writer eyes Miss Fitch and smiles

 Fitch Lekvoda: many of mine involve getting lost in tall grass…..

 Ceejay Writer: I will buy you a lawnmower!

 Nika Thought-werk : I have a story about me and Miss Fitch, if I may?

 Jimmy Branagh: At least not a cornfield

 Ceejay Writer: Please! We love stories.

 Blair Andrews (blairandionrivalionis)Blair Andrews (blairandionrivalionis) nods.

 Nika Thought-werk : So … people might think we are the same … but we aren’t at all

 Fitch Lekvoda: oh a cornfield would be like a forest to me, jimmy!

 Nika Thought-werk : Miss Fitch can eat ice creams

 Fitch Lekvoda: and chocolate!  and candy!

 Nika Thought-werk : I cannot

 Jimmy Branagh: Do you get ice cream headaches, Miss Fitch?

 Dis (alvildadis)Dis (alvildadis) looks about slowly as if lost, weeping “….undone……….undone……” as she drifts onward.

 Fitch Lekvoda: to those i am immune, jimmy 😉

 Jimmy Branagh: Ah

 Ceejay Writer: Somebody do up that ghost!

 Jimmy Branagh: An advantage!

 Nika Thought-werk : Miss Writer?

 Ceejay Writer: No ice cream head ache! A marvel.

 Ceejay Writer: Yes?

 Nika Thought-werk : A question, please?

 Ceejay WriterCeejay Writer raises hand, then looks sheepish

 Ceejay Writer: Yes?

 Nika Thought-werk : So … you have read both Books One and Two?

 Nika Thought-werk : All the way through?

 Ceejay Writer: Yes I have! And am needing book three.

 Ceejay Writer: Book two was very exciting. Edge of my seat stuff.

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  smiles “I am working with E.P. … which book do you enjoy more?”

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  looks and frowns

 Ceejay Writer: Well. The first one was fun because it was a new world to me. But I will admit I like the second one because I couldn’t stop wondering what happens next.

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  mumbles “Big words?”

 Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly)Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly) shyly raises her hand

 Ceejay WriterCeejay Writer nods at Edda

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  looks over and waits

 Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): Thank you….but if I was to write a story, where would it need to stop?  sometimes I just ramble and ramble…

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  nods “May I answer with my thoughts?

 Nika Thought-werk : “

 Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly)Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly) nods

 Ceejay WriterCeejay Writer listens

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  nods “Well, I think, being a thought-werk … it’s what I do …”

 Jimmy BranaghJimmy Branagh nods at the logic of it.

 Nika Thought-werk : The best place to stop is when the story is over … my story has a very set stopping point … I do not want to spoil the end …

 Nika Thought-werk : Though Miss Writer knows it … Miss Edda, how does your story end?

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  blinks and listens

 Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly)Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly) thinks and squints and ponders some more, “Well… I don’t think it ever does!”

 Nika Thought-werk : May I suggest a course of action?

 Ceejay Writer: no matter where a story ends there’s a name for it, too! Drasbble, essay, novella, novel, George RR Martin, War and Peace.

 Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly)Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly) nods!

 Jimmy BranaghJimmy Branagh chuckles

 Jimmy Branagh: There is a saying I adopted early –  “Start with the ending, then proceed to the beginning.  The middle will take care of itself.”

 Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly)Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly) grins

 Ceejay Writer: I need to try that myself.

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  nods “I like to say – just write … and with a good friend … or friends … like at Tall Tales to share it with …”

 Nika Thought-werk : What’s to worry if the stories end or not?

 Jimmy Branagh: Point

 Ceejay Writer: Oh, and there is a Tall Tales event right here tomorrow night at 9:30.

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  giggles

 Nika Thought-werk : Miss Writer?

 Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly)Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly) giggles, “I wondered how you made your stories so good!”

 Ceejay Writer: Yes?

 Jimmy BranaghJimmy Branagh scribbles a reminder

 Ceejay Writer: I’m a pantser! I write by the seat of my pants. I don’t know my endings until my characters tell me.

 Nika Thought-werk : Who is your fave’rite person in my story so far?

 Nika Thought-werk : And why?

 Ceejay Writer: Not a person! A… dog. 🙂

 Jimmy Branagh: Not a depantser then?

 Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): oooh!

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  giggles

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  nods “I love her so much … though …”

 Ceejay Writer: Loyalty, trust, love, bravery, all in a companion that smells vaguely like lanolin. Er, Lan’lin.

 Nika Thought-werk : I love Meri a lot too.

 Ceejay Writer: Her name is Postage. 🙂

 Ceejay Writer: Meri is a dear soul. She’s deep.

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  blinks and cocks her head before nodding

 Philip Underwood (pilipo.underwood): Mss Underwood and I are collaborating on a story as it happens

 Nika Thought-werk : She’s a miner. They like the deep.

 Ceejay Writer: Nika, before our hour is up, be sure to tell the folks about the wagon you dragged in! The one next to the book table.

 Nika Thought-werk : Oh!

 Fitch Lekvoda: *snickers a little*

 Ceejay Writer: Underwoods! That’s great!

 Nika Thought-werk : So … here is my wagon

 Jimmy Branagh: Pile o’Books!

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  moves to behind the sofa

 Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly)Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly) looks over, “A wagon full of books!”

 Ceejay WriterCeejay Writer points at Nika back here

 Nika Thought-werk : If you wish a copy of my book … Number two …

 Nika Thought-werk : This is a small copy … first three chapters.

 Fitch Lekvoda: we’re small, a back pack of books for us would only be 2 or 3 books

 Nika Thought-werk : You …

 Philip Underwood (pilipo.underwood): The third one is “Orange Clockwork”?

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  nods

 Nika Thought-werk : No

 Nika Thought-werk : The Second – The Clockwork’s Orange

 Philip Underwood (pilipo.underwood): Oh okay

 Ceejay WriterCeejay Writer grins

 Nika Thought-werk : The Third is The Ship Who Loved Lolli Pops

 Ceejay Writer: And her first one, poke the green book on the table and you will be taken to more information on it, and a chance to buy.

 Nika Thought-werk : Airship

 Jimmy Branagh: Miss Nika graciously gave me copies earlier.  I will attend to them tomorrow.

 Nika Thought-werk : One more thing, if I may?

 Ceejay WriterCeejay Writer stifles the urge to sing and dance.

 Ceejay Writer: Please, one or three more things!

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  nods

 Nika Thought-werk : So … even if I gave a copy to you before … the copies here have up to the end of chapter three

 Jimmy Branagh: What does my copy have?

 Nika Thought-werk : So … if you do not have it … you may wish it … the … take a new copy, Mister Jimmy?

 Fitch Lekvoda: sadly, nika, i must meander now, i must be off to innsmouth…

 Jimmy Branagh: It says I already have it

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  offers Miss Fitch a hug

 Jimmy Branagh: Night Fitch!

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  nods

 Fitch Lekvoda: *hugsanika* :)(

 Ceejay Writer: Thanks for coming, Fitch!

 Nika Thought-werk : Thank you, sis!

 Fitch Lekvoda: 🙂

 Nika Thought-werk : Also, Underwoods?

 Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): hmmm?

 Nika Thought-werk : Truly try to come to Tall Tales?

 Nika Thought-werk : Even just once?

 Nika Thought-werk : It may help very much.

 Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): I have come, but just listen. 🙂

 Ceejay Writer: You are in a safe place sharing with other writers and people who love to read. Tall Tales is that!

 Jimmy Branagh: Tall Tales id fun.  Scary sometimes

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  nods and smiles

 Ceejay Writer: Only scary when Emerson is there!

 Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): Thank you for that 🙂

 Ceejay Writer: Nika, will you be with us again tomorrow for Tall Tales and Outright Lies?

 Jimmy BranaghJimmy Branagh chucklesw

 Nika Thought-werk : I can … may I share a new chapter from Book Three?

 Ceejay Writer: Sure!

 Jimmy Branagh: Yay!

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  blinks “When?”

 Ceejay Writer: And anyone here is also cordially invited, to share a bit of writing, or just listen and encourage.

 Jimmy Branagh: I’ll be caught up

 Ceejay Writer: 6:30 to 8:00 slt, right here.

 Nika Thought-werk : Tonight?

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  blinks

 Ceejay Writer: Tomorrow!

 Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly)Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly) giggles

 Nika Thought-werk : Tomo-lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala?

 Ceejay Writer: Then next week it goes back to New Babbage. We are having a special Tall Tales day-after-today

 Jimmy Branagh: After today

 Nika Thought-werk : Sure!

 Nika Thought-werk : I can be here after today.

 Nika Thought-werk : When?

 Ceejay Writer: Won Der Ful!

 Nika Thought-werk : OH!

 Jimmy Branagh: The day that follows today

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  nods

 Ceejay Writer: Yus!

 Nika Thought-werk : Sorry … I have trouble sometimes

 Nika Thought-werk : Oh!

 Jimmy Branagh: Don’t we all!

 Nika Thought-werk : One last thing?

 Ceejay Writer: Thank you all for coming and I hope you give little Nika’s books a look-see. Encouraging authors gains you all sorts of karma points, and gives you better posture, too.

 Ceejay Writer: Bring it on home, Nika!

 Jimmy Branagh: lol

 Nika Thought-werk : So … I have a dog named Postage … we have a comic strip …

 Jimmy Branagh: Keeps ya regular!

 Nika Thought-werk : Would any of you like to read it?

 Jimmy Branagh: Yes

 Ceejay Writer: Yes! Share where we can find it?

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  nods and runs to get an address

 Nika Thought-werk :

 Ceejay Writer: Also, Miss Saffia asked if you could leave your wagon here for the rest of the faire.

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  smiles “Sure! Any other things?”

 Jimmy Branagh: B’marked

 Ceejay Writer: Your book will stay on the table the whole faire, too.

 Ceejay Writer: Thank you Miss Nika! This was fun.

 Philip Underwood (pilipo.underwood): Thank you Nika!

 Nika Thought-werk : Thank you … thank you all for coming … and please enjoy the Faire!

 Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly)Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly) applauds happily

 Jimmy Branagh: Yes, thank you Miss Nika

 Ceejay Writer: I think that’s all the things I can leave, pigeons come in here at night and pick at little things.

 Jimmy Branagh: ?me appaluds

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  smiles and waves happily.

 Jimmy Branagh: Applauds too

 Ceejay Writer: Thank you everyone! Hope to see you at Tall Tales and Outright Lies tomorrow – more Nika!

 Philip Underwood (pilipo.underwood)Philip Underwood (pilipo.underwood) notices that Jimmy has that Young James Dean thing workin’

 Jimmy Branagh: I was in the 50s earlier, and had no time to change.

 Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): it’s cool

 Ceejay Writer: That hairstyle is called a duck’s… duck’s something….

 Jimmy Branagh: Duck’s ass

 Ceejay Writer: Made you say it!

 Jimmy Branagh: heehee

 Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly)Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly) laughs

 Nika Thought-werk Nika Thought-werk  giggles at Mister Jimmy and Mister Philip … “Now I have a new comic to draw … may I be excused now?”

 Ceejay Writer: You may. Work happy, Miss!

**** THE END – FOR NOW ****

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