E.P. Isaacs is a writer who lives near the sea. Sometimes, she even visits the sea—which is made easy by living next to it. She first met Nika Thought-werk on March 11, 2011, at the poetry slam hosted at Der Hut des Jaeger in Second Life (though Nika insists they’ve known each other much longer than that). Since then, Miss Isaacs and Nika have become quite good friends—some might even say the two are inseparable. Working with Nika, the pair have plans for over fifty books spanning Nika’s adventures. E.P. is learning how to draw by hand and hopes that, though the drawings in this book are not as she would like them, that she gets better with time. To keep up with tweets from E.P. (she doesn’t do Facebook), feel free to follow her here.

Nika Thought-werk often says that clockworks cannot write poems. Or draw. Or write stories. E.P. lets her try anyway. Nika has written many more poems than the three written in Do Clockworks Dream of Gear-Toothed Sheep? Because Nika cannot use words with more than two syllables, E.P. Isaacs is working with her to tell Nika’s story. When she is not telling her story, Nika loves spending time with Postage, getting mail, flying (in planes or using kites), listening to music (especially bluegrass), reading (as well as a clockwork might read), and dreaming of chocolate. As much as she dreams of chocolate though, Nika knows that she can never eat it. Nika says she doesn’t do Facebook, either. She doesn’t tweet. But, she also says that she likes to hear birds tweet – especially in the morning as the sun is coming up.

Werks from the Iron Road is the name of a little Second Life bookstore (for those with Second Life accounts. Otherwise, this is a link to the online store – whose products also require Second Life to use and enjoy) that Nika and E.P. hope will grow into something bigger. E.P. offers a free commercial and non commercial script package through Werks from the Iron Road that allows anyone (with a Second Life account and access to the internet) to publish books to give away and / or sell in Second Life. Instructions for the book system may be found here or through the online Second Life bookstore.