Werks From The Iron Road

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Hello, and welcome to Werks From The Iron Road.  What are werks, you ask?  What is the Iron Road?  Both form central pieces in the writing of author E.P. Isaacs.  Who is E.P. Isaacs?  That’s a lot of questions.  These pages may provide answers.

The site’s blog (what is a blog?) can be found through the link marked Tick-Tock-Trans.  A bit about me and E.P. can be found under the link Bios.   Culture tidbits from the stories are under the link Clockwork Culture.  To find out what people say about the books, check out the link Postal Press. To find out how to buy our books, check out the link The Werks.   If you have any questions that aren’t covered here on this site, feel free to contact E.P. Isaacs.  You may find out how to do that through the link marked UCPS.

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